Thursday, 30 May 2013

Holiday May

So 5 months holiday is about to be over.
Soon I'll be going back to my studies.
Tragically, I din't get to study at I'll be going to FORM 6

Many of my friends are going to study at colleges and etc.
5 Science 1 friends.... I really really miss u guys so much....

 miss the time we study together... miss the times we fool around..
he best to all of you all tno matter where and what you study or work =]

So much has happened since I came back from National Service/PLKN
where should I start first.... hmm.....

JunYan and his friends met up with me to go PISA for edu fair
don't mind the bald me....
we went to 1st Avenue for dinner, then they went back to Alor Setar

after that, I find Jennifer and her USM friends at Komtar
we went to a music competition at the auditorium...

a lot of good music by the bands
many supporters cramped in 1 small hall...

after that, a light supper at Master Choo's... fried rice was Awesome!!!

it was late at night when the competition finished
so I stayed over at my uncle's house..the next day after breakfast I went back home to pack my stuff.
That afternoon, ShiYen and his Jitra friends were coming to Penang for a 3 days 2 night backpacking trip.

We went to Escape Theme park near Teluk Bahang on the next day.
RM48 per person... paid to test our physical strength
managed until level.2 only... but it is an achievement for me

 Leon, Draconell with me, ShiYen and Richard.. behind is the unforgetable Gecko Wall
 Climbing and swinging from the trees.... tired
 That night we walk around the old streets of Penang,
It's my first time taking picture with the bicycle painting.
the day after that, they returned to Jitra... leaving some unforgetable memories

I went to visit my aunt at Sungai Petani again,
she brought me for a delicious supper at the old town area....
 buy 6 free 1 BBQ-fish... 
this is the famous "30min Char Hor Fun"...
everybody have to wait because the chef take his own sweet time!!
it taste GREAT!! worth the wait~

on a free tuesday, I watch G.I.Joe with Joshua and his buddy Arvind.
they both went to PLKN too... only that Arvind got dismissed after his first week..
due to health problems....
We went Sushi King for dinner and chat until it was time to go home.

Evan came back from KL and he planned a surprise birthday celebration for Jennifer.
....surprise success!! 

on the 3rd of April, the Jade Buddha statue arrived at Penang Timesquare

 It was very challenging to setup the "Seat"
 after 3 days of work, the Jade Buddha is unveiled and the exhibition began.
 my dad volunteer to help out at the Info/Sales counter... hard at work all afternoon!!
 beautiful sand-painting by the monks from Nepal
 On the last day, we took a picture before helping to clear up the place...
 The Jade Buddha departs for port Klang first before going to Korea for the next exhibition.

Some mornings, my dad and I go for dimsum breakfast at 超全 restaurant...
It's yummy and not pricey like most shops..... the Ha Gaus(prawn dumpling) are the best!!^^

another great place to have dinner is Weld Quay restaurant at Penang
the black pomfret fish is yummmmmy!!!!!

On a special occasion, my cous brought his parents to Penang for a steamboat feast

After a month long search... I finally bought my sport earphones... loving them

Just before my holiday ended, I went to KL alone.... enjoyed the trip chatting with a stranger from NS
reach Subang Jaya station around 10... just in time for supper with my family
Maryland chicken-chops at Strawberry Cafe

I went around KL the next day and watch LONG WEEKEND .... best movie!! <3 it

My family brought me along to a dimsum Buffet for breakfast... my 1st time (shocked)

That afternoon I met with Evan at Bukit Bintang Mall.... ohmy, it was raining cats and dog
we went to Pavillion for *Snowflakes*.... 
After that we go to KLCC to look for his book -.-
it's not there yet... so no luck
Dome for dinner!!
the whole set for around RM45... very full and nice =)